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Designed to work one-on-one with clients who are serious about uncovering themselves beyond the programming and sub-conscious patterns that continue to control and dictate ones life. A 6 month minimum commitment to ones self is required in addition to approval into the “healing den” (click here to learn more)


The healing den is considered a sacred and safe space for you to take ALL of your masks off. This space has been created for you meet all parts of yourself through a variety of introspection exercises. The more you begin to understand who you are, the more you uncover who you were meant to be in this lifetime. You will be support one on one in person (or online) one per month through energy healing (reiki, chakra balancing, mirror work, body flow and other holistic modalities).

 In addition, you will also have access to an online community group mentorship program twice per month. This part of the healing den is designed to hold you accountable to showing up for yourself as you continue to navigate your inner world. Each group mentorship class offers a different lesson plan designed to give you the tools, resources and community support which plays a significant role in your personal success. If you are not committed to doing the work this program will not work for you.


Your mind is THE most powerful thing you posses. It has the power to both create and destroy. 

Learning how come into your awareness and understanding how to re-direct your thoughts in subtle yet effective ways is key to taking back control if your mind. Everything starts with a thought, an idea, which us all formed in the mind. The only way it comes alive is when you willfully give it permission to do so. During this mentorship, you will learn how to shift your natural routines into more focus and awareness in fun, creative and empowering ways which overtime will facilitate the evolution of your consciousness.


Your body speaks your mind, are you listening?

Over the course of your time in the Healing Den, you will learn how to:

Understand which Chakras need attention 


I have extensive training as a Certified Coach including personal training by International Teachers. Most importantly, I have done the work myself, I understand the challenges, the breakdowns, the moments of feeling defeated. Knowing how to responsibly navigate through these emotions with awareness and grace is powerful. I will teach you how to get intimate with yourself on an emotional and spiritual level. How to identify your blocks and more importantly how to work with it. This is not a race, it is a process. There are NO quick fixes but if you are willing and committed to yourself you will see permanent shifts. I am here to guide you back to yourself.

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