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Yoga Class

        No matter which class you feel called to attend you're going to love the experience ! 


You're not just a number here, you're a tribemate! Each class or community event is created and designed to empower you to trust in the unknown, to listen to your intuition and take a leap of faith especially if you're a "I'll think about it person". This is your chance to say yes and gift yourself a new experience! 


Class sizes on average range between 15-30 people max to ensure you get an intimate experience with support along the way. 

Each experience will offer you something different and most importantly leave you feeling uplifted, empowered, motivated while also providing you with the opportunity to do the inner work so you can continue to step into yourself fully and unapologetically. Trust that you will always get what you need in this space (a good cry, a new friend, a chance to let loose without judgement, an opportunity to practice opening up in a safe space, a community centered around acceptance, love and good vibes.... the list goes on really)

All participants will be provided with a loaned adjustable wireless headphone to deliver a personal experience.  Come meet other like minded individuals who are taking steps to put themselves first & be around energy that fills them up. This is where you come to let loose, dance like everyone's watching, to not care and just be yourself!


Classes included a variation of the following: guided meditations, yoga variations, sound bath healing frequencies, body flow, chakra balancing activities, group reiki, dance medicine, energy healing practices like shadow work, balancing the masculine & feminine energies + other interactive activities. 

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