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Casey’s services have been truly life changing. When I first started seeing her I was completely lost with no direction and very little spirit. She helped me and given me the tools to put me on the path that is in best alignment with my true self and elevated my life mind, body & soul. My inner fire is back alive and I truly see the magic within myself and this world.


I would recommend Casey’s service to anyone who is in need of finding themselves, needs help getting out of a rut or just wants to better themselves. She has an incredible gift that can help anyone who is open to receive it!

Melissa A.

My experience with Casey is hard to put into words. She creates for you a non-judgement safe space for expression and release. Beyond gifted in Reiki & Chakra Balancing, she has guided me through very pivotal times in my life. I would recommend Casey to anyone who is committed to working inward, healing and want to be the best version of themselves!!

Rachel C.

“Casey, I haven't felt this energized and excited in a long time. Thank you for creating a safe space for me to heal and be heard"

— Jamie. K

"I can't begin to tell you how amazing, intuitive and informative my Reiki session was with the wonderful Casey. I felt that she was very present and connected during our session. I can't wait for my next session with her"

Maggie F.

Extremely grateful for Casey’s amazing blessing that she shared with her clients. I received a Chakra Balancing session and it was beyond anything that I could have expected. She made me feel extremely safe and at ease, allowed me to take time and process things without rushing me, provided me with resources to complete my work in my everyday life as well.


I can’t stress enough how much having Casey as a guide in my life has improved my mindset, my reaction to things, and how I feel overall about growth. I’m no longer scared of growth. I truly thank Casey for helping guide me to my inner self and giving me constant positivity and reminders that I am capable of everything I desire. Highly recommend everything Casey offers.

Stefany Y.

I just wanted to thank you again. Today really felt like the right step to healing. I still don’t know how to put it into words, but just know I feel lighter, I’m smiling, and I’m committed to letting go of my cyclical habits.

I’ve had quite a few revelations about myself and how I’ve been living life. Thank you for opening up my eyes, my heart, my mind and my solar plexus. I’ve been to a lot of therapy and no session has ever touched me this deep compared to our reiki healing. You have an amazing gift and I’m thankful you held space for me today.

 Aileen B.

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