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In the Healers Den, a safe space is provided for you to relax and release without judgement. This is where you "take the armor off" and uncover yourself (even if it's messy). This treatment works to move and release stored energy in your body which can occur on a physical and emotional level both during and after treatments. Depending on how open your energetics are, you may receive guided messages including images/symbols, names and suppressed memories. This can help you better connect the dots, heighten your awareness and further address underlying subconscious thoughts, past traumas and emotional pain you are carrying either knowingly or unknowingly. It is recommend post treatment to rest and avoid over stimulating activities and interactions so that your energetics can be restored without unnecessary disruptors.


- You suffer from anxiety/depression

- Grieving the loss of a relationship (family, friend, romantic, business)

- Feeling stuck, confused, uncertain or lost with no direction and clear path

- You are an overthinker, over-worker and feel the need to be in constant control

- Insomnia, inflammation, headaches, indigestion

Please note the 60 minute service is for first time clients and first visits only. Upgrade this treatment to a 90 minute container at the time of your treatment pending availability (additional add on fees applies). We have a high success rate of helping clients move through mental and emotional roadblocks that stem from unhealthy relationships (personally & professionally)



An assessment is done at the beginning to identify which chakras are unbalanced, overactive or underactive by firstly understanding your daily lifestyle, habits, relationships and thought process.  This can sometimes be identified during Reiki treatments as a first step.  During a chakra balancing session, we will work through each of the 7 chakras or target specific ones. You will be led through guided energy movement, while incorporating ethically sourced natural crystals with specific healing properties and multiple sound frequencies to awaken and activate energy within your chakras. You will also learn you how to observe your body awareness both during after after treatments so you continue the work beyond the treatment. Coaching support & Reiki treatments are also a wonderful compliment which many find helpful . 


Root (stuck on the past, unable to make changes, fearful of uncertainty and the unknown)

- Sacral (people pleasing by saying yes when you don’t want to, feeling guilty, trouble showing up as authentic self or suppresses true self expression, womb healing, sexual addiction or avoids intimacy)

- Solar Plexus (trouble saying no, setting boundaries, low self confidence, needs to be in constant control, constantly “doing” and in “go mode” without allowing for rest and play)

- Heart (grieving the loss of a relationship, self sabotaging healthy relationships, hates the idea of “falling in love” or falls in love easily, un-emotional, overly emotional)

- Throat (hard time speaking up, unable to be fully expressive,

- Third Eye (over thinker, over analytical, unable to trust choices and intuition, relies on others to make decisions)

- Crown (feeling disconnected from self, often refuses help, skeptical about new things, does not receive but always gives)


You will have the support of a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in developing and supporting people from all walks of life. You will be supported using a combination of effective coaching disciplines while also having emotional support you through holistic practices designed to help you identify your limiting blocks, energetic ties and trauma wounds that you are still holding on to subconsciously. This service is for those who are committed to truly making changes and open to having support that will be a sounding board, confidant and trusted guide. You must be open to feedback, committed to following through on tasks and activities and willing to push past your comfort zone while having support. Many clients rotate between holistic services and this support as part of their healing journey.


Packages are available for this service and can be tailored to include some holistic services!


This is a powerful 60 minute treatment which propels you out of your comfort zone and into your most inner stored feelings and emotions that need to be felt, seen, heard, confronted and nurtured. This service is highly recommended if you have low self esteem and often body shame yourself. It is also highly effective for those wishing to push past patterns of self sabotage and limiting beliefs. You will have the pleasure of meeting yourself in front of an adorned mirror in privacy while being led by your facilitator from another room. The use of healing sound frequencies and gentle aroma therapy is included. You will also receive a guided message and grounding before leaving the space.

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